– composer

Jon Mostad

W.P.=World premiere. Note that dates are given in English (not American) manner: dd.mm.yyyy.

Where no other publisher is mentioned, scores and other material are available from the National Library of Norway Sheet Music.

Solo works






          Twin Piece(-s) for doublebass solo, 1973.

                  Duration: Ca. 4'30”.

          Five for One, 2016.

                  Duration: Ca. 11'30".

                  W.P.: Moss, 04.11.2017.

          With soundtrack and live processing:

          Not Quite Solo for violoncello and electronics, 2010.

                  Duration: Ca. 12'20‟

                  Commissioned by Ny musikk Østfold.

                  W.P.: Sarpsborg, 21.11.2010.

        Two Church Pictures, 1984.

                  Duration: Ca. 9'30” - 10'.

                  W.P.: BBC/radio, 3rd Programme, 1985.

                  Recorded with the guitarist Sven Lundestad playing, in a film with the same title, produced by Karivold Film, Fredrikstad.

          Two Miniatures, 2014.  

                  1. Sesquialtera, Ca. 2’25”    

                  2. Reeds, Ca. 2'35"

                  Total duration: Ca. 5’

          Introduction and Hymn, 2012/2013.

                  1. Introduction. Ca. 2'30".

                  2. Hymn: May His Name Endure Forever. 5'55"-6'

                  Total duration: Ca. 8’30‟.

          I'm Getting Ready for the Marriage Feast.. Music to Visions From the Revelation of St. John. with vocal group ad lib., 1979.

                      Motto: "I'm Getting Ready for the Marriage Feast" with vocal group ad lib. Ca.1'20"

                  1. Song of Praise in Heaven. Ca.4'15"

                  2. The Wine of God's Wrath.Ca 4'

                      Interlude ("I'm Getting Ready..") Ca. 2'

                  3. A New Heaven and a New Earth. Ca. 6'35"

                  Total duration: Ca. 18'30”.

          Two Pieces for Organ, 1971/72.

                  Duration: Ca.13'.

                  W.P.: Oslo 1973.

          With soundtrack:

          Det dagas i den gamla katedralen (Dawning in the Old Cathedral) for organ and tape.1983-84.  Revised version of the tape part 1987.

                  Digitised and edited 2010.

                  Text  (Swedish, in the tape part): Ylva Eggehorn, read by Inger Heinerborg.

                  Organ material for the tape part played by Asbjørn Myrås.

                  Duration: Ca.17'20”.

                  Commissioned by Ny musikk Rogaland.

                  W.P.: Stavanger  24.02.1985 (1983-84 version).

          Tweets & Blogs. 6 Small Pieces for Piano, compiled and completed 2017.

                  Duration: Ca. 16', (1'30"+3'10"+1'45"+2'20"+3'45"+3'20")          

          Like the Sound of Rushing Waters, 1995/98.

                  Duration: Ca. 5’.

                  W.P.: Bergen 23.05.1999.

                  Publ.: Norsk Musikforlag A/S, Oslo.

          Two Sketches and a Landscape, 1980-82.

                  Duration: Ca. 15'.

                  The two first movements commissioned by NRK/radio 1980.

                  W.P.: (The entire work): NRK/radio Febr.1983. Sketch I-II only: NRK/radio Febr.1981.

          Amateur Music, 5 small pieces for piano, 1970. New version 1974.

                  Duration: Ca.15'.  

                  W.P.: Oslo 1971

          Poem, 1963-65.

                  Duration: Ca. 6'30”.

          With soundtrack:

          The Enchanted Piano for piano and tape. 1987-89.

                  Duration: Ca. 4'20”.

                  W.P.: Totnes, England, 30.07.2001